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A Novel Device to Harvest Free Gingival Grafts for Socket Seal Technique

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A Novel Device to Harvest FGG for Socket Seal Technique

Alejandra Seguel; Elena Surmilo; K Kim; A Bhekare; N Boreak; H Alibrahin; T Costa; N Chukwudifu; Z Shaw; P Yu; S Cho



Various alveolar ridge preservation techniques have been described in the literature, including suturing mucosal grafts to the margins of the extraction socket, augmenting the buccal soft tissue with subepithelial connective tissue grafts, and filling extraction sockets with autogenous bone or bone substitute materials.  Landsberg and Bichacho described a method of socket seal surgery in which the extraction socket is filled with bone substitute material and covered with a thick free gingival graft to reduce ridge resorption and enhance bone regeneration.  This modified ridge preservation technique combines bone and soft tissue graft and is performed prior to implant placement.  The protocol has been suggested to achieve optimal outcome in the replacement of extracted maxillary anterior teeth.  However, harvesting free gingival graft is technique sensitive.  Therefore, the prupose of this presentation is to introduce a novel device to harvest free gingival grafts for socket seal procedure.


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