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Prosthodontic Rehabilitation for an Existing Transmandibular Implant System.

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During the early period of dental implant evolution, the 1970's witnessed introduction of the transmandibular implant (TMI) system, subsequently modified by Hans Bosker. It utilized implant-assisted prosthesis for the severely resorbed mandible.

This system has been recently abandoned due to high-risk complications such as; pathological mandibular fracture, infection, post fracture, and prosthesis failure. Patients still present with this system in dental offices, but parts and tools for this system are no longer marketed.


A seventy-two year old female with an inefficient Dolder bar® and implant-assisted complete denture on a surviving Bosker® transmandibular implant system presented to our clinic for the remake of her dentures.

The decision was made to fabricate a new assisted mandibular denture with a new cast gold alloy Hader® bar, opposing a new maxillary complete denture.


Hoeksema, A. R., Raghoebar, G. M., Vissink, A., & Visser, A. (2015).Patients With Transmandibular Implants Are at Risk for Severe Complications When Becoming Frail. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 73(8), 1493-1498.



Somer Dental Laboratories (Zionsville, IN) 


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