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Management of Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Complications in the Anterior Maxilla

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Management of Soft Tissue Complications on a Single Anterior Implant Restoration: a case report. 

Implant treatment in the esthetic zone is a complex procedure requiring comprehensive treatment planning and precise surgical techniques based on a restoration-driven approach. Appearance of the peri-implant mucosa must be in harmony with the surrounding dentition. To optimize esthetic outcomes in anterior implant restorations, the use of a provisional restoration with an adequate emergence profile is recommended to guide and shape the peri-implant tissue prior to delivery of the definitive restoration.3 An ideally contoured restoration not only provides the illusion that the tooth is emerging from a socket, but also ensures that the soft tissue is fully supported without overexerting pressure. Additionally, the restoration surface contacting the peri-implant mucosa must be smooth and highly polished to discourage plaque accumulation around the implant. With esthetically demanding cases of this nature, it is imperative that an open line of communication exists between specialists prior to the start of surgery, and ideally starting with the treatment planning phase. 

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