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Digitalized Fabrication of an Obturator

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Digital technology has brought many advantages to the

dentistry field, from electronic patient records to selective laser

sintering of complex prosthetic frameworks. The advantages of

improved communication, increased control, greater quality

and data archiving, and better patient experiences simply

cannot be matched using existing conventional methods.

Conventional fabrication of an obturator is complex and

needs multiple scheduled visits, and an alternative process is

needed for rapid fabrication in emergency cases. Digital

technology is making exciting opportunities for improving the

delivery of maxillofacial prostheses.


Sixty-five year old edentulous caucasian female patient presented

with an intraoral defect in the maxilla wearing an unstable maxillary


The final treatment was completed by fabricating a digital obturator

prosthesis supported by implants and a lower denture via Avadent ®.

This technique significantly reduced the time necessary to

fabricate the obturator, and provided a more stable prosthesis.

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