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diVaTM Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation for “Total Mommy Makeover”

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vVaginal childbirth and menopause are two major life events that lead to diminished vaginal health and function. Symptoms include decreased vaginal lubrication, decreased sensation due to perceived vaginal laxity, and stress urinary incontinence.
vdiVa by Sciton uses hybrid fractional 2940 nm and 1470 nm laser wavelengths to ablate and coagulate vaginal mucosa at tunable depths and densities. Laser pulses are delivered automatically along the vaginal vault in programmable 90, 180, or 360-degree modes to ensure consistency and uniformity. Single-use pure quartz dilators ensure sterility and increase treatment comfort.
vTreatment protocol is three procedures done every six weeks; maintenance procedure as needed annually. 


vImperfect term; definition varies
vGenerally, MM = TT + BAM and/or Lift
vLargest study in country performed at SSA showed significant improvements in sexual satisfaction, vaginal tone, lubrication, and stress urinary incontinence post diVa treatment
vAddition of diVa now addresses all of the major changes to the female body due to pregnancy


vInitial procedure can be done at time of MM without increasing OR time
vSubsequent 2nd and 3rd procedures done 6 weeks later at time of standard MM follow-up
vUse topical numbing prior to treatment
vPain free to little discomfort for only 5 minutes
vLunch-time procedure for patient with no down-time
vGreatest profit margin of any procedure per unit time
v100% RealSelf “Worth It” rating as of 11/27/16
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