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Ultrasound guided INTRAPEC injection: A novel solution for surgical field improvement during electrocautery for breast implantation and post operative muscle spasm reduction
Session: EX-09
Fri, April 20, 7:40-7:50 am
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Ultrasound guided INTRAPEC injection:

A simple solution for surgical field improvement during electrocautery, implantation and expansion for breast surgery.

Jonathan Kline, M.S.N.A., CRNA

The problem with the PECs1 block is premature washing out of the local during implant/pocket creation, leading to intraoperative and post operative pectoralis major spasm and pain. 

Solution: Ultrasound guided INTRAPEC technique 

 Simple solution to intraoperative pectoral major muscle spasm during electrocautery and post operative muscle pain

 Simple, effective, cost effective, non-parenteral

 Demonstrates reduction in surgical complexity (causing trauma and bleeding), post operative pain and muscle spasm.

*Accepted for publication: Anesthesia E-Journal 2018

The INTRAPEC technique yielded an incidental finding of intraoperative muscle flaccidity was reported by the surgeon. Post operative spasm was prevented for more than 24 hours. The implications of muscle non reactivity during electrocautery represents the first real step forward in corrections muscle movement during surgery without IV muscle relaxants.

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