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Perioperative hypothermia in children: Does anaesthetic technique matter?
Session: EX-07
Thurs, April 19, 6:50-7:00 pm
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Title: Perioperative Hypothermia in Children. Do Regional Blocks Matter?

Inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia (IPH) affects patients of all ages, but in particular the young, where up to 20-32% are affected1,2. Paediatric patients are at increased risk of IPH due to increased surface area to body ratio, minimal subcutaneous fat and poor insulation. 

IPH develops from a combination of heat loss in a cold operating room, impaired thermoregulatory mechanisms and anaesthesia-induced reduction in metabolic heat production, all of which occur under both general anaesthesia (GA) and regional anaesthesia (RA). 3 A survey of anesthesiologists rated neonates, a low ambient operating room (OR)  temperature, general anaesthesia with neuraxial anesthesia, as important risk factors of IPH.4

The main aim of this study is to determine the incidence and risk factors of IPH in our paediatric population and the effect of combined general anesthesia and regional blocks in children.

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