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"Double Trouble" : Utilization of Continuous Adductor Canal blocks in Twin 5 year old obese females with Blount's disease
Session: MP-08b
Fri, April 20, 3:30-5:00 pm
Uris (Shubert Complex), 6th floor

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"Double Trouble" : Utilization of continuous Adductor Canal blocks in twin 5 year old obese females with Blount's disease.

Adductor canal nerve blocks (ACB) have been well described in both the adult as well as pediatric  literature for knee surgeries. Cited benefits for these blocks are most notable for quadricep weakness sparing. However, we have not found published evidence for the use of continuous adductor canal blocks in the pediatric population. We present the application of adductor canal catheters in twin 5-year-old obese females who both presented to our OR for surgical correction of varus deformity secondary to Blount's disease.

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