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Website Utilization and Analytics for Thepainlesspush.com- A Free, Low literacy Resource for Pain Relief Options in Labor
Session: EX-05
Thurs, April 19, 6:30-6:40 pm
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69% of women feel that pregnancy information on the internet is misleading or inaccurate.1

The Painless Push (www.thepainlesspush.com) is a free and scientifically accurate patient education website.

Covers pain relief option for vaginal & cesarean delivery

Following introduction at our university hospital, we sought to investigate the broader use of this website.


Materials & Methods

The website is connected to Google analytics software, which collects information gathered through the user’s browser as well as real-time site data.

Data were analyzed from July 1- December 1, 2017.

Website creators’ access was excluded from the data.  IRB approval was waived for this study.



Website launched on July 1, 2017 to patients and providers at the University of New Mexico Hospital (2,500 deliveries/yr).

July 1-Dec 1 2017:  962 page views; 166 total users in 14 countries.

Within the United States (86% of sessions), the website was accessed from 29 out of 50 states; 69% of sessions were from New Mexico.

Most users were between 25 and 44 years of age (60% 25-34 and 40% 35-44), with 100% of the viewers being female.

Spanish translations on the website have contributed to 6% of total page views.

Browser-encoded translation services were used for seven languages. Use of the provided simplified audible narrations varies by page, with most use on the home pages.

Viewers accessed the page through direct link (43%), Facebook, LinkedIn, and search engines.

Of 339 total sessions, 57 users navigated to one additional page and 60 users navigated to up to 5 pages.


Use of the internet by individuals with medical questions has become a norm.  

Academic institutions have a responsibility to make scientifically accurate information available online.  

Thepainlesspush.com utilizes art, bullet points, and an engaging interface based on design principles aimed at user experience. 

In less than 6 months of operation, the resource has been viewed worldwide. 

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