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The association of low back pain with decreased life expectancy is determined by the classification
Session: MP-02c
Thurs, April 19, 10:15-11:45 am
Plymouth (Shubert Complex), 6th floor

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The low back pain and decreased life expectancy: identifying the involved factors


1)The younger participants were more prone to report back pain in the initial interview.
2)The patients who report back pain are at slightly increased risk of death. Therefore, the back pain in elder population, is not only important for morbidity, but it is also important for mortality.
3)Many factors that affect survival, such as depression, smoking, BMI, or stroke does not seem to mediate the relationship between back pain and mortality.
4)Some selected factors, such as difficulty with walking, presence of lung disease or arthritis, seems to significantly mediate the relationship between back pain and mortality. 
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