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Information Needs Assessment regarding postoperative pain: gender based analysis of adult population
Thurs, April 6, 8:15-9:45 am
Salon 6

Please note, medically challenging cases are removed three months after the meeting and scientific abstracts after three years.


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Alleviating acute pain and providing pain relief are central to caring for surgical patients as pain can lead to many adverse medical consequences. Preoperative education of patients about postoperative pain and pain control can have a positive impact on a patient’s experience of acute surgical pain and can reduce fears and anxieties. However, relatively little attention has been devoted to asking patients about the kind of information they want and whether they have suggestions abut what we can do to improve the information process. Questions remain about the optimum time to deliver information and whether or not men and women have different needs, in terms of perioperative education. The need of the hour is to shift focus on the needs of the beneficiary.  

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