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Sustained Pain Relief with Burst Stimulation: One-year Outcomes from the SUNBURST Study
Session: MP-03b
Thurs, Nov. 16, 1:30-3:30 pm
Saybrook Room

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Burst SCS Provided Sustained Pain Relief through 1 year: Long-term Outcomes from the SUNBURST Study


SUNBURST, the first multi-center, randomized

study for burst spinal cord stimulation (SCS),

reported outcomes of the controlled phase of the

study at the North American Neuromodulation

Society in 2015. Subjects in the study were

followed through an open-label phase for up to 2

years. Here, we present the outcomes for subjects

through 1 year post-implant.



Randomized, controlled, multi-center, crossover trial of 2

different SCS stimulation modes

Subjects randomized (N=100) to use a stimulation mode

for 12 weeks, then crossed to the alternate mode for an

additional 12 weeks (24 weeks total)

— Tonic followed by Burst (N=45)

— Burst followed by Tonic (N=55)

After 24 weeks, subjects followed for up to 2 years using

the programming type(s) of their choice. One year

outcomes reported here.

At follow-up, subjects completed:

— 7-day pain diary with visual analog scale (VAS) for

overall, trunk, and limb pain

— Short-form 36 (SF-36)


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