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Pain Assessment Tools in Patients on Chronic Opioids: A systematic Review
Session: MP-03b
Thurs, Nov. 16, 1:30-3:30 pm
Saybrook Room

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Pain Assessment Tools in Patients on Chronic Opioids: A Systematic Review

authors: himabindu gandam MD

It is often challenging to assess pain in patients on chronic opioids either in management in the OR as well as in pain clinic settings. Pain assessment in this group is more challenging especially if they are hospitalized with acute on chronic pain. Chronic opioid use is associated with increased pain perception and increased self-report of pain. Further, Pain is underestimated and undertreated in patients on chronic opioids. However these patients are at higher risk of abuse and overdose. Proper pain assessment is necessary in these patents to treat the pain adequately.

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