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A Survey Evaluating Burnout, Health Status, Depression, Alcohol and Substance Use, and Social Support Among ASRA Members
Session: EX-02
Thur, Nov. 16, 5:45-6:00 pm
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The main components of an anesthesiologist’s job (complex vigilance, monitoring, and dynamic decision making) are particularly susceptible to effects from a variety of factors including the work environment itself, human components and interactions, and the human-machine interface necessary to the job. Pain management doctors are additionally burdened with the task of inter-personal relationships with their patients—a situation that may cause increased stress for these providers. We have published data on the risk of burnout in anesthesiologists-at-large, but never in the specific area of pain management. We will also assess the level of job satisfaction and how much.  Additionally, we will assess what they do in their non-work-time to help them cope with the work-time stress. 
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