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Clinical and Patient Experiences of AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™Dressing within a Leg Ulcer Clinic

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Clinical and Patient Experiences of AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™Dressing
within a Leg Ulcer Clinic.
Andrea Urbanczyk. Community Registered Nurse. Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Andrea.urbanczyk@leicspart.nhs.uk
Charllotte Metcalfe. Community Registered Nurse. Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Charllotte.McGowan@leicspart.nhs.uk

This poster illustrates the clinical experience of using AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™ dressing within a local leg ulcer clinic. These case studies were undertaken to identify how effective the dressing was at improving the outcomes for 6 patients with chronic leg ulceration. As well as gain an understanding on how this impacts on the patient’s personal experience of living with leg ulceration.

The case series included 6 patients, with a total of 10 wounds on their lower limbs. The wounds were static, chronic and all displayed 3 of the 5 classic signs of infection: Pain, Erythema, Oedema, Odour and Purulent Exudate. The patients within the case series have been living with their wounds for long durations, in most instances for several years (Table 1). Each wound was treated with the AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™ dressing for a period of 6 weeks, only the primary dressing was changed, the rest of the participant’s management regime remained unchanged. Formal reviews were undertaken throughout the 6 weeks to ascertain patient satisfaction and monitor the dressing’s ability to effectively manage these complex wounds.

The evaluations demonstrate that 9/10 wounds showed signs of improvement. These wounds were considered to be very chronic and had been static for several months. During the evaluation process all patients that had previously experienced wound related pain found that this significantly reduced. The condition of the wound bed in 9 of the wounds improved, returning the wound to a positive healing trajectory. Exudate levels decreased improving the condition of the peri-wound skin and reducing the number of dressing changes required. As a result 9/10 patients had a positive experience with the AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™ dressing thus improving their quality of life.

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