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Antiviral Activity of 5-Hydroxytyrosol, a Microbicidal Candidate against HIV-1 Transmission

Antiviral activity of 5-Hydroxytyrosol, a microbicidal candidate against HIV-1 transmission

José Alcamí1, Luis-Miguel Bedoya1, Patricia Obregón1, Manuela Beltrán1, Eduardo Gómez-Acebo2, David Auñón2, Laura Capa1

1Instituto de Salud Carlos III, AIDS Immunopathogenesis Unit, Majadahonda, Spain, 2Seprox Biotech SL, Madrid, Spain

Contact AIM-HIV: [email protected]. Web: aim-hiv.isciii.es


5-Hydroxytyrosol (5-HT. Figure 1) is a natural compound that has previously shown biochemical activity against HIV integrase and gp41 (1,2). In this work we show that 5-HT is able to diminish viral replication without toxic effects in vitro.